Who is Horizon for?

Horizon helps decision making organisations such as funders, charities and local authorities, as well as anyone who is interested in youth social action provision. It is designed to answer questions like:

  • Where are the hotspots and gaps in youth social action?
  • What social action programmes are available in my area?
  • How many social action opportunities are there for a particular age range?

How is Horizon data used?

  • Registration

  • Add activities

  • Upload data

  • Data is collated

  • Added to our graph & maps

Horizon collects data from organisations who offer programmes, events and activities for young people to take part in social action. We ask these organisations to provide aggregate data on the actual numbers of young people who take part, at a postcode level - giving us the most comprehensive picture of youth social action in the UK.

How do we join in?

If your organisation helps young people to take part in social action - please register your organisation.

You will first be asked to add some basic information to create a profile that tells people what you do. Once complete, you can then add information about the programme, events or activities you offer in which young people do social action. As a final step, we ask you to upload some simple attendance data on who took part. We only ask for anonymous data that is not sensitive.