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horizon is a free online tool for data on youth social action in the UK

Across the UK, millions of young people choose to make a difference in their community through social action — whether by campaigning against climate change, mentoring a peer who's struggling at school, starting a social enterprise, or fundraising for a cause they are passionate about.

horizon brings together in one place all of the data on these activities to enable powerful insights into young people's participation in social action across the UK. We are currently in a pilot phase with the aim of creating a comprehensive picture by registering every organisation who offers these activities for young people.

Rates of Participation in Social Action and Meaningful Social Action

By Key Characteristics

10–15 years
16–20 years

By Region

Base: All 10 – 20 year olds (2,038)
Rates of participation shown are from 2014.

Source: Ipsos MORI

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Interactive tools for exploring the landscape of youth social action

Youth social action providers

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Plan your expansion and recruitment strategies

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Funders, government, policy and research organisations:

See the hotspots and gaps in every part of the UK

Use search tools to see the levels of activity around a particular cause, age-range and more.

Local authorities, schools, colleges, universities, businesses:

Identify which organisations are already working in your area

Search for potential partnerships and progression opportunities

Help create an effective strategy for supporting young people to gain crucial skills from helping others

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horizon is a part of the #iwill campaign, which seeks to increase participation in youth social action to 60% by 2020. The online resource is a joint project of Generation Change, registered charity: 1158567 and Step Up To Serve, registered charity: 1154588. The project is funded by British Gas as a pledge to the #iwill campaign.

horizon is a free online tool that works with a browser and an internet connection.

We are currently in an early testing phase, and will be releasing developments based on input from pioneer adopters of the tool. If you want more information or are unable to register, please get in touch with: